Maze Burrow v0.2 Release

Hello all!

Maze Burrow v0.2 is out! With more levels, a softer difficulty curve, new mechanics, and further improvements, v0.2 is a significant step up from v0.1.


  • Added 11 more levels and tweaked/redesigned a few existing ones
  • The level select menu has been revamped into an overworld map
  • Added Paired Blocks
  • Added Ice and Mud terrain
  • Added WASD and Space for grabbing blocks and selecting options. ESC can be used to bring up and exit the pause menu
  • Warps are now numbered and show where they lead. There's also now a visual indicator when a Warp is obstructed
  • Blocks are no longer locked in their spots and instead show a visual indicator if they're in the correct or incorrect spot
  • Smoothed out movement when pushing and pulling blocks
  • Increased the push and pull speed when moving blocks
  • Added more environment art
  • Added more animation frames to Warps and the Portal
  • Fixed a bug where Switch-controlled blocks wouldn't move when the Switch isn't held even if nothing is blocking their paths
  • A Linux version is now available!

NOTE: Save data from v0.1 is not compatible with v0.2

I hope you enjoy this update! As a reminder, you can reach out to me and stay up to date on Maze Burrow's progress via my Twitter.

- Kimimaru


Maze Burrow v0.2 (Windows).zip 21 MB
Feb 27, 2019
Maze Burrow v0.2 (Linux).zip 34 MB
Feb 27, 2019

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