Maze Burrow v0.2 Progress

Hello all, just a quick update! I've been hard at work on v0.2 of Maze Burrow, and I'm addressing much of the feedback from the v0.1 demo. On top of that, I'm adding new features to further improve the game. Here's some of what to expect:

  • Increased block push/pull speed
  • Alternate set of controls - WASD for movement, Space for menu selections/grabbing blocks, and ESC for pause
  • Softer difficulty curves via intro levels for new mechanics
  • More visual indicators, such as whether a warp is blocked and where it takes you
  • Blocks are no longer locked in place after they're moved onto their respective spots
  • A visual indicator if a block is in the correct or incorrect spot
  • New types of terrain: ice and mud
  • Overworld map for selecting levels
  • More levels and bug fixes

As a reminder, I post updates to my Twitter, so feel free to follow if you're interested in seeing how the game's coming along. Thanks for playing Maze Burrow, and I hope to get v0.2 out as soon as I can!

- Kimimaru

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